Mission and Overview
NVD is the U.S. government repository of standards based vulnerability management data. This data enables automation of vulnerability management, security measurement, and compliance (e.g. FISMA).
Resource Status
NVD contains:

Last updated: 10/30/2014 12:11:19 PM

CVE Publication rate: 47.07

Email List

NVD provides four mailing lists to the public. For information and subscription instructions please visit NVD Mailing Lists

Workload Index
Vulnerability Workload Index: 13.96
About Us
NVD is a product of the NIST Computer Security Division and is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security's National Cyber Security Division. It supports the U.S. government multi-agency (OSD, DHS, NSA, DISA, and NIST) Information Security Automation Program. It is the U.S. government content repository for the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP).
Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) 1.0 Validated Products
NOTE: All SCAP 1.0 Validated Products Expired December 31, 2013
Product Vendor Product Name SCAP Validations
Security Analysis Solution
Security Configuration and Vulnerability Management Pack
BMC Automation Server
BMC BladeLogic Client Automation
CA IT Client Manager
IT Client Manager
Core IMPACT Professional
Dell KACE K1000 System Management Appliance
Frontline Vulnerability Manager
Greenbone Security Manager
SCAP Scanner
Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance
LANDesk Patch Manager 9.0 Extensions for Federal Desktops
LANDesk Security Suite 9.0 Extensions for Federal Desktops
Endpoint Management and Security Suite
PatchLink Security Configuration Manager for Scan
PatchLink Security Configuration Manager for Scan
Policy Auditor
Vulnerability Manager
System Center Configuration Manager Extensions for SCAP
Configuration Compliance Manager
IP 360
NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager
EventTracker Enterprise
QualysGuard FDCC Module
Vulnerability Scanner
Vulnerability Scanner
Shavlik Security Suite: Shavlik NetChk Configure (with SCAP Processor)
Shavlik Security Suite: Shavlik NetChk Protect (with SCAP Processor)
Shavlik Security Suite: Shavlik NetChk Protect (with SCAP Processor)
Enterprise Trust Server
SCAP Compliance Checker
Control Compliance Suite
Symantec Risk Automation Suite
Xacta IA Manager (Xacta HostInfo)
Xacta IA Manager Continuous Assessment
Security Center
CIS - Configuration Audit Tool
Secutor Magnus with ThreatView
Secutor Prime
Tripwire Enterprise
Resolution Manager
vCenter Protect Essentials Government Edition (with SCAP Processor)
VMware vCenter Configuration Manager
NVLAP Accredited Independent SCAP Testing Laboratories
Laboratory Name Accredited Testing Scopes
Booz Allen Hamilton
EWA - Canada