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Defense Switched Network (DSN) Version 2, Release 8 Checklist Details (Checklist Revisions)

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Target CPE Name
Cisco Content Services Switch 11000 cpe:/h:cisco:content_services_switch_11000:- (View CVEs)

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Checklist Name:
Defense Switched Network (DSN)
Checklist ID:
Version 2, Release 8
Review Status:
Governmental Authority: Defense Information Systems Agency
Original Publication Date:

Checklist Summary:

This document will describe the proper procedure to follow to register and update the IA status of voice and/or video / real time services (RTS) systems and devices in VMSv6. For the purpose of this document, we will use RTS to refer to any voice/video/RTS system or device. This includes all types of telecom switches or video systems, whether they are TDM or IP based, as well as any supporting system or device.

Checklist Role:

  • Ethernet LAN Switch

Known Issues:

Not provided.

Target Audience:

Not provided.

Target Operational Environment:

  • Managed
  • Specialized Security-Limited Functionality (SSLF)

Testing Information:

Not provided.

Regulatory Compliance:

Not provided.


Any person that needs to interface with the VMSv6 must: 1. Take the on-line CBT, which can be accessed at (no login is required). It is highly recommended that a person taking the CBT review all modules to become familiar with all of the roles that the various VMS users fulfill. 2. Download and become familiar with the appropriate users guide for user role(s) that the trainee will be fulfilling. These bay be found at 3. Obtain a VMS account and login to the application. Instructions for this are contained in the CBT. 4. Become familiar with the navigation and features of VMS by reviewing the CBT and users guide while in VMS. Once these steps have been completed, one can begin to register assets and update their statuses.


Not provided.

Product Support:

Not provided.

Point of Contact:


Not provided.


Not provided.

Change History:

Changed status from "under review" to "final" - 08 September 2015
Version 2, Release 6 - 31 July 2015
Upgraded to XCCDF - 31 July 2015
Defense Switched Network (DSN) Checklist - Version 2, Release 3.5 - 27 August 2010
Defense Switched Network (DSN) STIG- Version 2, Release 3 - 30 April 2006
Version 2, Release 4 - 30 October 2014
Updated status to "Final" - 07 January 2015
Updated "Point of Contact" - 15 January 2015
Version 2, Release 5 - 26 January 2015
Version 2, Release 6 - 31 July 2015
Upgraded to XCCDF - 31 July 2015
Version 2, Release 7 - 29 October 2015
Changed status from "Under Review" to "Final" - 04 December 2015
Updated URL to reflect change to the DISA website - http --> https
moved to archive status - 4/15/19
Updated URLs - 6/24/19
updated URLs - 9/11/19


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