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Unisys STIG Checklist Version 7 Release 2 Checklist Details (Checklist Revisions)

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Target CPE Name
Unisys 2200 8.1 cpe:/o:unisys:unisys_2200:8.1 (View CVEs)
Unisys 2200 6.1 cpe:/o:unisys:unisys_2200:6.1 (View CVEs)

Checklist Highlights

Checklist Name:
Unisys STIG Checklist
Checklist ID:
Version 7 Release 2
Review Status:
Governmental Authority: Defense Information Systems Agency
Original Publication Date:

Checklist Summary:

This Unisys Security Checklist provides the procedures for conducting a review to determine compliance with the requirements in the Unisys Security Technical Implementation Guide and must be used together. This Unisys security checklist covers the Unisys Executive and Standard system software. Additionally, this checklist ensures the site has a properly installed and implemented specific operating system and associated software application configurations and that it is being managed in a way that is secure, efficient, and effective, through procedures outlined in the checklist.

Checklist Role:

  • Mainframe Operating System

Known Issues:

Not provided.

Target Audience:

Developped for the DOD. The requirements set forth in this document are designed to assist Information Assurance Officers (IAOs) and System Administrators (SAs) in support of protecting DOD network infrastructures and resources. It assumes that the reader has knowledge of the Unisys Executive and Standard system software and is familiar with common computer terminology.

Target Operational Environment:

  • Managed
  • Specialized Security-Limited Functionality (SSLF)

Testing Information:

Not provided.

Regulatory Compliance:

DOD Directive 8500.


Please refer to the Checklist or the README.txt files provided with the scripts for any comments, warnings, or detailed instructions.


Not provided.

Product Support:

It should be noted that FSO Support for the STIGs, Checklists, and Tools is only available to DOD Customers.

Point of Contact:


Not provided.


Not provided.

Change History:

14 April 2006 Added VMS 6.0 review procedures.
14 April 2006 Added VMS 6.0 Vulnerability Key to each checklist item.
24 November 2006 Added new vulnerabilities to match Unisys STIG V7R2, 28 August 2006
Added point of contact
Updated URL to reflect change to the DISA website - http --> https
moved to archive status - 4/15/19


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