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An issue was discovered in 1Password 7.2.3.BETA before 7.2.3.BETA-3 on macOS. A mistake in error logging resulted in instances where sensitive data passed from Safari to 1Password could be logged locally on the user's machine. This data could include usernames and passwords that a user manually entered into Safari.

Published: December 22, 2018; 10:29:00 AM -05:00
V3.0: 5.5 MEDIUM
    V2: 2.1 LOW

The 1Password application 6.8 for Android is affected by a Denial Of Service vulnerability. By starting the activity com.agilebits.onepassword.filling.openyolo.OpenYoloDeleteActivity or com.agilebits.onepassword.filling.openyolo.OpenYoloRetrieveActivity from an external application (since they are exported), it is possible to crash the 1Password instance.

Published: October 05, 2018; 05:29:00 PM -04:00
V3.0: 5.9 MEDIUM
    V2: 4.3 MEDIUM

Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the Troubleshooting Reporting System feature in AgileBits 1Password 3.9.9 might allow remote attackers to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via a crafted User-Agent HTTP header that is not properly handled in a View Troubleshooting Report action.

Published: December 28, 2012; 06:48:44 AM -05:00
    V2: 4.3 MEDIUM