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Cisco TelePresence TC Software 4.x and 5.x before 5.1.7 and 6.x before 6.0.1 and TE Software 4.x and 6.0 allow remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary commands by using the commands as arguments to tshell (aka tcsh) scripts, aka Bug ID CSCue60202.

Published: May 02, 2014; 06:55:08 AM -04:00
V2: 9.0 HIGH

Unknown vulnerability in the ls-F builtin function in tcsh on Solaris 8 allows local users to create or delete files as other users, and gain privileges.

Published: January 20, 2004; 12:00:00 AM -05:00
V2: 7.2 HIGH

Multiple shell programs on various Unix systems, including (1) tcsh, (2) csh, (3) sh, and (4) bash, follow symlinks when processing << redirects (aka here-documents or in-here documents), which allows local users to overwrite files of other users via a symlink attack.

Published: January 09, 2001; 12:00:00 AM -05:00
V2: 7.2 HIGH

(1) bash before 1.14.7, and (2) tcsh 6.05 allow local users to gain privileges via directory names that contain shell metacharacters (` back-tick), which can cause the commands enclosed in the directory name to be executed when the shell expands filenames using the \w option in the PS1 variable.

Published: September 13, 1996; 12:00:00 AM -04:00
V2: 4.6 MEDIUM