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Vulnerability Change Records for CVE-2018-10635

Change History

Vendor Comment by NIST 4/12/2022 1:43:22 PM

Action Type Old Value New Value
Added Vendor Comment

Software version 5.10 brings improvements to usability and configurability of Secure Shell Protocol (SSH), such that tunneling can be used to secure primary, secondary, RT, RTDE, DashBoard server and other interfaces. Universal Robots recommends that all users use SSH tunneling to access these interfaces in applications requiring authentication and encryption.

Additionally, SW version 5.10 includes a built-in configurable firewall, allowing fine-grained restrictions of remote access, and number of other security improvements. Universal Robots (UR) recommends always using the latest UR software, as security improvements will be rolled out continuously.

CB2 and CB3 cobots are designed to be operating in factory networks where security relies on boundary protection (firewalls) and trusted clients on the network. They must only be connected to trusted networks and operated by authorized personnel.