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Vulnerability Change Records for CVE-2020-29134

Change History

CVE Modified by MITRE 3/12/2021 5:15:14 PM

Action Type Old Value New Value
Changed Description
TOTVS Fluig Platform allows directory traversal via a base64 encoded in paremeter "file=../" to a volume/stream/ URI. This affects: Fluig Lake 1.7.0-210217, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-210209, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-210112, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-201222, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-201215, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-201201,Fluig Lake 1.7.0-201124, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-201117, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-201103, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-201027, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-201020, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-201013, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-201006, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-200915, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-200907, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-200901, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-200825, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-200818, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-200804, Fluig Lake 1.7.0-200616), Fluig 1.6.5-200915, Fluig 1.6.5-200128, Fluig 1.6.5-191029, and Fluig 1.6.4-181026.
The TOTVS Fluig platform allows path traversal through the parameter "file = .. /" encoded in base64. This affects all versions Fluig Lake 1.7.0, Fluig 1.6.5 and Fluig 1.6.4