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April 2005

Below is a list of CVEs for the selected month.

NOTE: The CVEs shown below have a release date in the year and month chosen. The CVE ID may show a year value that does not match the release date, however, the release date will fall within the chosen year and month.

127 entries found for April 2005

CVE-2004-0790 CVE-2004-0791 CVE-2004-0812 CVE-2004-1004 CVE-2004-1005 CVE-2004-1009 CVE-2004-1090 CVE-2004-1091 CVE-2004-1092 CVE-2004-1093 CVE-2004-1174 CVE-2004-1175 CVE-2004-1176 CVE-2004-1181 CVE-2004-1235 CVE-2004-1237 CVE-2004-1341 CVE-2004-1342 CVE-2004-1487 CVE-2004-1488 CVE-2005-0016 CVE-2005-0019 CVE-2005-0020 CVE-2005-0081 CVE-2005-0082 CVE-2005-0085 CVE-2005-0087 CVE-2005-0112 CVE-2005-0122 CVE-2005-0124 CVE-2005-0129 CVE-2005-0130 CVE-2005-0131 CVE-2005-0159 CVE-2005-0206 CVE-2005-0229 CVE-2005-0351 CVE-2005-0412 CVE-2005-0413 CVE-2005-0414 CVE-2005-0415 CVE-2005-0416 CVE-2005-0417 CVE-2005-0419 CVE-2005-0420 CVE-2005-0421 CVE-2005-0422 CVE-2005-0423 CVE-2005-0424 CVE-2005-0555 CVE-2005-0562 CVE-2005-0610 CVE-2005-0684 CVE-2005-0718 CVE-2005-0749 CVE-2005-0752 CVE-2005-0753 CVE-2005-0754 CVE-2005-0755 CVE-2005-1029 CVE-2005-1032 CVE-2005-1035 CVE-2005-1043 CVE-2005-1047 CVE-2005-1055 CVE-2005-1063 CVE-2005-1064 CVE-2005-1067 CVE-2005-1070 CVE-2005-1071 CVE-2005-1072 CVE-2005-1077 CVE-2005-1078 CVE-2005-1082 CVE-2005-1087 CVE-2005-1089 CVE-2005-1094 CVE-2005-1096 CVE-2005-1099 CVE-2005-1103 CVE-2005-1107 CVE-2005-1118 CVE-2005-1122 CVE-2005-1126 CVE-2005-1130 CVE-2005-1134 CVE-2005-1136 CVE-2005-1138 CVE-2005-1139 CVE-2005-1140 CVE-2005-1141 CVE-2005-1142 CVE-2005-1143 CVE-2005-1144 CVE-2005-1145 CVE-2005-1146 CVE-2005-1147 CVE-2005-1149 CVE-2005-1227 CVE-2005-1233 CVE-2005-1240 CVE-2005-1241 CVE-2005-1244 CVE-2005-1246 CVE-2005-1270 CVE-2005-1274 CVE-2005-1275 CVE-2005-1281 CVE-2005-1283 CVE-2005-1285 CVE-2005-1287 CVE-2005-1291 CVE-2005-1294 CVE-2005-1295 CVE-2005-1296 CVE-2005-1297 CVE-2005-1298 CVE-2005-1299 CVE-2005-1300 CVE-2005-1301 CVE-2005-1303 CVE-2005-1308 CVE-2005-1310 CVE-2005-1312 CVE-2005-1317 CVE-2005-0003 CVE-2005-0004

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