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The selinux_ptrace logic in hooks.c in SELinux for Linux 2.6.6 allows local users with ptrace permissions to change the tracer SID to an SID of another process.

Published: May 05, 2006; 08:46:00 AM -04:00
V2: 2.1 LOW

Linux kernel 2.4.x and 2.6.x up to 2.6.16 allows local users to bypass IPC permissions and modify a readonly attachment of shared memory by using mprotect to give write permission to the attachment. NOTE: some original raw sources combined this issue with CVE-2006-1524, but they are different bugs.

Published: April 27, 2006; 01:06:00 PM -04:00
V2: 2.1 LOW

Directory traversal vulnerability in CIFS in Linux 2.6.16 and earlier allows local users to escape chroot restrictions for an SMB-mounted filesystem via "..\\" sequences, a similar vulnerability to CVE-2006-1864.

Published: April 25, 2006; 06:02:00 PM -04:00
V2: 2.1 LOW

The Linux kernel before and the FreeBSD kernel, when running on AMD64 and other 7th and 8th generation AuthenticAMD processors, only save/restore the FOP, FIP, and FDP x87 registers in FXSAVE/FXRSTOR when an exception is pending, which allows one process to determine portions of the state of floating point instructions of other processes, which can be leveraged to obtain sensitive information such as cryptographic keys. NOTE: this is the documented behavior of AMD64 processors, but it is inconsistent with Intel processors in a security-relevant fashion that was not addressed by the kernels.

Published: April 20, 2006; 06:02:00 AM -04:00
V2: 2.1 LOW

ip_route_input in Linux kernel 2.6 before allows local users to cause a denial of service (panic) via a request for a route for a multicast IP address, which triggers a null dereference.

Published: April 19, 2006; 02:18:00 PM -04:00
V2: 4.9 MEDIUM

Linux kernel before does not properly handle uncanonical return addresses on Intel EM64T CPUs, which reports an exception in the SYSRET instead of the next instruction, which causes the kernel exception handler to run on the user stack with the wrong GS.

Published: April 18, 2006; 06:02:00 AM -04:00
V2: 4.9 MEDIUM

perfmon (perfmon.c) in Linux kernel on IA64 architectures allows local users to cause a denial of service (crash) by interrupting a task while another process is accessing the mm_struct, which triggers a BUG_ON action in the put_page_testzero function.

Published: April 14, 2006; 05:02:00 PM -04:00
V2: 4.9 MEDIUM

The fill_write_buffer function in sysfs/file.c in Linux kernel 2.6.12 up to versions before 2.6.17-rc1 does not zero terminate a buffer when a length of PAGE_SIZE or more is requested, which might allow local users to cause a denial of service (crash) by causing an out-of-bounds read.

Published: April 05, 2006; 01:04:00 PM -04:00
V2: 4.9 MEDIUM

Linux kernel 2.6.16-rc2 and earlier, when running on x86_64 systems with preemption enabled, allows local users to cause a denial of service (oops) via multiple ptrace tasks that perform single steps, which can cause corruption of the DEBUG_STACK stack during the do_debug function call.

Published: March 26, 2006; 07:02:00 PM -05:00
V2: 1.2 LOW

Integer overflow in the do_replace function in netfilter for Linux before 2.6.16-rc3, when using "virtualization solutions" such as OpenVZ, allows local users with CAP_NET_ADMIN rights to cause a buffer overflow in the copy_from_user function.

Published: March 22, 2006; 03:06:00 PM -05:00
V2: 6.9 MEDIUM

The ip_push_pending_frames function in Linux 2.4.x and 2.6.x before 2.6.16 increments the IP ID field when sending a RST after receiving unsolicited TCP SYN-ACK packets, which allows remote attackers to conduct an Idle Scan (nmap -sI) attack, which bypasses intended protections against such attacks.

Published: March 15, 2006; 12:06:00 PM -05:00
V2: 5.0 MEDIUM

Race condition in the (1) add_key, (2) request_key, and (3) keyctl functions in Linux kernel 2.6.x allows local users to cause a denial of service (crash) or read sensitive kernel memory by modifying the length of a string argument between the time that the kernel calculates the length and when it copies the data into kernel memory.

Published: March 13, 2006; 09:02:00 PM -05:00
V2: 7.1 HIGH

sys_mbind in mempolicy.c in Linux kernel 2.6.16 and earlier does not sanity check the maxnod variable before making certain computations for the get_nodes function, which has unknown impact and attack vectors.

Published: March 12, 2006; 04:02:00 PM -05:00
V2: 4.9 MEDIUM

Linux kernel before down to 2.6.12, while constructing an ICMP response in icmp_send, does not properly handle when the ip_options_echo function in icmp.c fails, which allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash) via vectors such as (1) record-route and (2) timestamp IP options with the needaddr bit set and a truncated value.

Published: February 07, 2006; 01:06:00 PM -05:00
V2: 5.0 MEDIUM

Buffer overflow in the MoxaDriverIoctl function for the moxa serial driver (moxa.c) in Linux 2.2.x, 2.4.x, and 2.6.x before 2.6.22 allows local users to execute arbitrary code via a certain modified length value.

Published: March 14, 2005; 12:00:00 AM -05:00
V2: 4.6 MEDIUM