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Vuln ID Summary CVSS Severity

VMware ESXi (6.7 before ESXi670-201806401-BG, 6.5 before ESXi650-201806401-BG, 6.0 before ESXi600-201806401-BG and 5.5 before ESXi550-201806401-BG), Workstation (14.x before 14.1.2), and Fusion (10.x before 10.1.2) contain a denial-of-service vulnerability due to NULL pointer dereference issue in RPC handler. Successful exploitation of this issue may allow attackers with normal user privileges to crash their VMs.

Published: July 25, 2018; 9:29:00 AM -0400
V3.0: 6.5 MEDIUM
V2.0: 4.0 MEDIUM

Systems with microprocessors utilizing speculative execution and branch prediction may allow unauthorized disclosure of information to an attacker with local user access via a side-channel analysis.

Published: January 04, 2018; 8:29:00 AM -0500
V3.1: 5.6 MEDIUM
V2.0: 4.7 MEDIUM

Format string vulnerability in vmware-vmrc.exe build 158248 in VMware Remote Console (aka VMrc) allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via unspecified vectors.

Published: April 12, 2010; 2:30:00 PM -0400
V3.x:(not available)
V2.0: 10.0 HIGH