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NVD JSON Feed 1.0 Released!

The JSON Data feeds are being transitioned from BETA to the initial 1.0 release! There are a few notable changes from the previous iteration of the BETA feeds (0.1_beta - 2018-08-06) which are referenced in the JSON feed changelog. You can see the JSON feed changelog here.

Additionally, all of the previous paths for schemas the JSON feeds reference have been changed to "../1.0/.." instead of "../0.1/..".

The NVD highly encourages all users of its data feeds to transition to use of the 1.0 JSON feeds as soon as possible! The JSON feeds are intended to supplant the XML 2.0 and XML 1.2.1 feeds entirely. The NVD will be providing a grace period for this transition that will last until late 2019 (announcement to come). The NVD will permanently disable and remove the XML 2.0 and XML 1.2.1 feeds after that time.

Going forward the NVD plans to produce new iterations to the JSON feeds on a more regular basis to accommodate the ever changing requests and data being made available. As these new iterations are released we will be offering a grace period for users to transition in a similar fashion to what is being done during the transition from XML feeds to JSON feeds.

If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact us using nvd@nist.gov .