CWE Statistics for Zephyr Project

CVE CNA Value Alignment NIST Value Reason
CVE-2017-14201(1 of 1) CWE-416 CWE-416
CVE-2017-14202(1 of 1) CWE-119 CWE-119
CVE-2020-10019(1 of 1) CWE-120 CWE-120
CVE-2020-10021(1 of 1) CWE-787 CWE-787
CVE-2020-10022(1 of 1) CWE-120 CWE-120
CVE-2020-10023(1 of 1) CWE-120 CWE-120
CVE-2020-10024(1 of 1) CWE-697 CWE-697
CVE-2020-10027(1 of 1) CWE-697 CWE-697
CVE-2020-10028(1 of 1) CWE-20 CWE-20
CVE-2020-10058(1 of 1) CWE-20 CWE-20
CVE-2020-10059(1 of 1) CWE-295 CWE-295
CVE-2020-10060(1 of 1) CWE-119 CWE-119
CVE-2020-10061(1 of 1) CWE-119 CWE-119
CVE-2020-10062(1 of 1) CWE-193 CWE-193
CVE-2020-10063(1 of 1) CWE-190 CWE-190
CVE-2020-10067(1 of 1) CWE-190 CWE-190
CVE-2020-10068(1 of 1) CWE-20 CWE-20
CVE-2020-10070(1 of 2) CWE-120 CWE-120
CWE-190 More specific CWE option available
CVE-2020-10071(1 of 2) CWE-120 CWE-120
CWE-129 More specific CWE option available