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** DISPUTED ** The mod_php module for the Apache HTTP Server allows local users with write access to PHP scripts to send signals to the server's process group and use the server's file descriptors, as demonstrated by sending a STOP signal, then intercepting incoming connections on the server's TCP port. NOTE: the PHP developer has disputed this vulnerability, saying "The opened file descriptors are opened by Apache. It is the job of Apache to protect them ... Not a bug in PHP."

Source:  MITRE      Last Modified:  12/31/2003

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Provides unauthorized access, Allows partial confidentiality, integrity, and availability violation; Allows unauthorized disclosure of information; Allows disruption of service

Vendor Statements (disclaimer)

Official Statement from Red Hat (10/25/2006)

This is not a vulnerability. When PHP scripts are interpreted using the dynamically loaded mod_php DSO, the PHP interpreter executes with the privileges of the httpd child process. The PHP intepreter does not "sandbox" PHP scripts from the environment in which they run. On any modern Unix system a process can easily obtain access to all the parent file descriptors anyway, even if they have been closed.

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