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ImageIO in Apple Safari before 4.0.5 and iTunes before 9.1 on Windows does not ensure that memory access is associated with initialized memory, which allows remote attackers to obtain potentially sensitive information from process memory via a crafted BMP image.

Source:  MITRE      Last Modified:  03/15/2010

Evaluator Description

Per: ImageIO CVE-ID: CVE-2010-0041 Available for: Windows 7, Vista, XP Impact: Visiting a maliciously crafted website may result in sending data from Safari's memory to the website Description: An uninitialized memory access issue exists in ImageIO's handling of BMP images. Visiting a maliciously crafted website may result in sending data from Safari's memory to the website. This issue is addressed through improved memory handling and additional validation of BMP images. Credit to Matthew 'j00ru' Jurczyk of Hispasec for reporting this issue.

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Network exploitable - Victim must voluntarily interact with attack mechanism
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Not required to exploit
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Allows unauthorized disclosure of information

Evaluator Solution

Per: 'Safari 4.0.5 is available via the Apple Software Update application, or Apple's Safari download site at:'

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  • Information Leak / Disclosure (CWE-200)

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