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A potential security vulnerability has been identified in HPE Intelligent Provisioning, Service Pack for ProLiant, and HPE Scripting ToolKit. The vulnerability could be locally exploited to allow arbitrary code execution during the boot process. **Note:** This vulnerability is related to using insmod in GRUB2 in the specific impacted HPE product and HPE is addressing this issue. HPE has made the following software updates and mitigation information to resolve the vulnerability in Intelligent Provisioning, Service Pack for ProLiant, and HPE Scripting ToolKit. HPE provided latest Intelligent Provisioning, Service Pack for ProLiant, and HPE Scripting Toolkit which includes the GRUB2 patch to resolve this vulnerability. These new boot images will update GRUB2 and the Forbidden Signature Database (DBX). After the DBX is updated, users will not be able to boot to the older IP, SPP or Scripting ToolKit with Secure Boot enabled. HPE have provided a standalone DBX update tool to work with Microsoft Windows, and supported Linux Operating Systems. These tools can be used to update the Forbidden Signature Database (DBX) from within the OS. **Note:** This DBX update mitigates the GRUB2 issue with insmod enabled, and the "Boot Hole" issue for HPE signed GRUB2 applications.


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