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Vulnerability Change Records for CVE-2024-21617

Change History

New CVE Received by NIST 1/11/2024 8:15:50 PM

Action Type Old Value New Value
Added CVSS V3.1

Juniper Networks, Inc. AV:A/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:N/I:N/A:H
Added CWE

Juniper Networks, Inc. CWE-459
Added Description

An Incomplete Cleanup vulnerability in Nonstop active routing (NSR) component of Juniper Networks Junos OS allows an adjacent, unauthenticated attacker to cause memory leak leading to Denial of Service (DoS).

On all Junos OS platforms, when NSR is enabled, a BGP flap will cause memory leak. A manual reboot of the system will restore the services.

The memory usage can be monitored using the below commands.

user@host> show chassis routing-engine no-forwarding
user@host> show system memory | no-more
This issue affects:

Juniper Networks Junos OS

  *  21.2 versions earlier than 21.2R3-S5;
  *  21.3 versions earlier than 21.3R3-S4;
  *  21.4 versions earlier than 21.4R3-S4;
  *  22.1 versions earlier than 22.1R3-S2;
  *  22.2 versions earlier than 22.2R3-S2;
  *  22.3 versions earlier than 22.3R2-S1, 22.3R3;
  *  22.4 versions earlier than 22.4R1-S2, 22.4R2.

This issue does not affect Junos OS versions earlier than 20.4R3-S7.

Added Reference

Juniper Networks, Inc. https://supportportal.juniper.net/JSA75758 [No types assigned]
Added Reference

Juniper Networks, Inc. https://www.first.org/cvss/calculator/4.0#CVSS:4.0/AV:A/AC:L/AT:N/PR:N/UI:N/VC:N/VI:N/VA:H/SC:N/SI:N/SA:N [No types assigned]