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Vulnerability Change Records for CVE-2024-25973

Change History

New CVE Received by NIST 2/20/2024 3:15:07 AM

Action Type Old Value New Value
Added CWE

Added Description

The Frentix GmbH OpenOlat LMS is affected by multiple stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities. An attacker with rights to create or edit groups can create a course with a name that contains an XSS payload. Furthermore, attackers with the permissions to create or rename a catalog (sub-category) can enter unfiltered input in the name field. In addition, attackers who are allowed to create curriculums can also enter unfiltered input in the name field. This allows an attacker to execute stored JavaScript code with the permissions of the victim in the context of the user's browser.

Added Reference

SEC-VLab https://r.sec-consult.com/openolat [No types assigned]