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Vulnerability Change Records for CVE-2024-26653

Change History

New CVE Received by NIST 4/01/2024 5:15:51 AM

Action Type Old Value New Value
Added Description

In the Linux kernel, the following vulnerability has been resolved:

usb: misc: ljca: Fix double free in error handling path

When auxiliary_device_add() returns error and then calls
auxiliary_device_uninit(), callback function ljca_auxdev_release
calls kfree(auxdev->dev.platform_data) to free the parameter data
of the function ljca_new_client_device. The callers of
ljca_new_client_device shouldn't call kfree() again
in the error handling path to free the platform data.

Fix this by cleaning up the redundant kfree() in all callers and
adding kfree() the passed in platform_data on errors which happen
before auxiliary_device_init() succeeds .
Added Reference

kernel.org https://git.kernel.org/stable/c/7c9631969287a5366bc8e39cd5abff154b35fb80 [No types assigned]