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December 2012


In March 2023, The NVD plans to retire webpages intended to support web scraping (e.g., Full Listings) before its APIs existed. Users with automated workflows that target such pages must transition to the the 2.0 APIs. Users interested in filtering CVEs through a web interface should use the vulnerability search tools.

Below is a list of CVEs for the selected month.

NOTE: The CVEs shown below have a release date in the year and month chosen. The CVE ID may show a year value that does not match the release date, however, the release date will fall within the chosen year and month.

270 entries found for December 2012

CVE-2012-6298 CVE-2012-6299 CVE-2012-6301 CVE-2012-4985 CVE-2012-4991 CVE-2012-5622 CVE-2012-5625 CVE-2012-5483 CVE-2012-5510 CVE-2012-5511 CVE-2012-5512 CVE-2012-5513 CVE-2012-5680 CVE-2009-2899 CVE-2010-2387 CVE-2011-2731 CVE-2011-2732 CVE-2011-3131 CVE-2011-4433 CVE-2011-5251 CVE-2012-0218 CVE-2012-0411 CVE-2012-0428 CVE-2012-0429 CVE-2012-0430 CVE-2012-0432 CVE-2012-0738 CVE-2012-0741 CVE-2012-0841 CVE-2012-0957 CVE-2012-0958 CVE-2012-0961 CVE-2012-0962 CVE-2012-1501 CVE-2012-1537 CVE-2012-1598 CVE-2012-1599 CVE-2012-1699 CVE-2012-1712 CVE-2012-1714 CVE-2012-2539 CVE-2012-2549 CVE-2012-2556 CVE-2012-2669 CVE-2012-3002 CVE-2012-3133 CVE-2012-3272 CVE-2012-3273 CVE-2012-3274 CVE-2012-3275 CVE-2012-3276 CVE-2012-3277 CVE-2012-3297 CVE-2012-3317 CVE-2012-3329 CVE-2012-3428 CVE-2012-3432 CVE-2012-3482 CVE-2012-3546 CVE-2012-3870 CVE-2012-3871 CVE-2012-3872 CVE-2012-3873 CVE-2012-4046 CVE-2012-4347 CVE-2012-4348 CVE-2012-4349 CVE-2012-4350 CVE-2012-4431 CVE-2012-4444 CVE-2012-4508 CVE-2012-4528 CVE-2012-4534 CVE-2012-4565 CVE-2012-4608 CVE-2012-4609 CVE-2012-4616 CVE-2012-4687 CVE-2012-4688 CVE-2012-4690 CVE-2012-4691 CVE-2012-4693 CVE-2012-4698 CVE-2012-4774 CVE-2012-4781 CVE-2012-4782 CVE-2012-4786 CVE-2012-4787 CVE-2012-4791 CVE-2012-4792 CVE-2012-4816 CVE-2012-4838 CVE-2012-4839 CVE-2012-4846 CVE-2012-4848 CVE-2012-4856 CVE-2012-4857 CVE-2012-4859 CVE-2012-4862 CVE-2012-4898 CVE-2012-4932 CVE-2012-4971 CVE-2012-4972 CVE-2012-4974 CVE-2012-4975 CVE-2012-4976 CVE-2012-4977 CVE-2012-4982 CVE-2012-4983 CVE-2012-5055 CVE-2012-5129 CVE-2012-5137 CVE-2012-5138 CVE-2012-5139 CVE-2012-5140 CVE-2012-5141 CVE-2012-5142 CVE-2012-5143 CVE-2012-5144 CVE-2012-5161 CVE-2012-5175 CVE-2012-5176 CVE-2012-5177 CVE-2012-5178 CVE-2012-5179 CVE-2012-5180 CVE-2012-5181 CVE-2012-5182 CVE-2012-5183 CVE-2012-5195 CVE-2012-5367 CVE-2012-5445 CVE-2012-5450 CVE-2012-5514 CVE-2012-5515 CVE-2012-5517 CVE-2012-5525 CVE-2012-5532 CVE-2012-5534 CVE-2012-5537 CVE-2012-5538 CVE-2012-5539 CVE-2012-5540 CVE-2012-5541 CVE-2012-5542 CVE-2012-5543 CVE-2012-5544 CVE-2012-5545 CVE-2012-5547 CVE-2012-5548 CVE-2012-5549 CVE-2012-5550 CVE-2012-5551 CVE-2012-5552 CVE-2012-5553 CVE-2012-5554 CVE-2012-5556 CVE-2012-5557 CVE-2012-5559 CVE-2012-5563 CVE-2012-5569 CVE-2012-5571 CVE-2012-5584 CVE-2012-5585 CVE-2012-5586 CVE-2012-5587 CVE-2012-5588 CVE-2012-5589 CVE-2012-5590 CVE-2012-5591 CVE-2012-5592 CVE-2012-5593 CVE-2012-5594 CVE-2012-5595 CVE-2012-5596 CVE-2012-5597 CVE-2012-5598 CVE-2012-5599 CVE-2012-5600 CVE-2012-5601 CVE-2012-5602 CVE-2012-5606 CVE-2012-5607 CVE-2012-5608 CVE-2012-5609 CVE-2012-5610 CVE-2012-5611 CVE-2012-5612 CVE-2012-5613 CVE-2012-5614 CVE-2012-5615 CVE-2012-5638 CVE-2012-5642 CVE-2012-5643 CVE-2012-5664 CVE-2012-5675 CVE-2012-5676 CVE-2012-5677 CVE-2012-5678 CVE-2012-5679 CVE-2012-5688 CVE-2012-5690 CVE-2012-5691 CVE-2012-5765 CVE-2012-5868 CVE-2012-5930 CVE-2012-5931 CVE-2012-5932 CVE-2012-5951 CVE-2012-5954 CVE-2012-5955 CVE-2012-5956 CVE-2012-5967 CVE-2012-5968 CVE-2012-5969 CVE-2012-5970 CVE-2012-5973 CVE-2012-5975 CVE-2012-5978 CVE-2012-5991 CVE-2012-5992 CVE-2012-6007 CVE-2012-6052 CVE-2012-6053 CVE-2012-6054 CVE-2012-6055 CVE-2012-6056 CVE-2012-6057 CVE-2012-6058 CVE-2012-6059 CVE-2012-6060 CVE-2012-6061 CVE-2012-6062 CVE-2012-6064 CVE-2012-6065 CVE-2012-6066 CVE-2012-6067 CVE-2012-6270 CVE-2012-6271 CVE-2012-6312 CVE-2012-6313 CVE-2012-6314 CVE-2012-6324 CVE-2012-6325 CVE-2012-6333 CVE-2012-6334 CVE-2012-6335 CVE-2012-6336 CVE-2012-6337 CVE-2012-6339 CVE-2012-6369 CVE-2012-6371 CVE-2012-6422 CVE-2012-6427 CVE-2012-6428 CVE-2012-6431 CVE-2012-6432 CVE-2012-6453 CVE-2012-5574 CVE-2012-5576 CVE-2012-5579 CVE-2012-0882 CVE-2011-2728 CVE-2011-2730 CVE-2012-5858 CVE-2012-5859 CVE-2012-2934 CVE-2012-5468 CVE-2012-5469 CVE-2012-5966

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