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April 2012


In March 2023, The NVD plans to retire webpages intended to support web scraping (e.g., Full Listings) before its APIs existed. Users with automated workflows that target such pages must transition to the the 2.0 APIs. Users interested in filtering CVEs through a web interface should use the vulnerability search tools.

Below is a list of CVEs for the selected month.

NOTE: The CVEs shown below have a release date in the year and month chosen. The CVE ID may show a year value that does not match the release date, however, the release date will fall within the chosen year and month.

228 entries found for April 2012

CVE-2012-1515 CVE-2012-1672 CVE-2012-1673 CVE-2012-1030 CVE-2008-7309 CVE-2008-7310 CVE-2008-7311 CVE-2011-4882 CVE-2011-4883 CVE-2012-0942 CVE-2012-0946 CVE-2010-4666 CVE-2011-1777 CVE-2011-1778 CVE-2011-1779 CVE-2011-2478 CVE-2011-3066 CVE-2011-3067 CVE-2011-3068 CVE-2011-3069 CVE-2011-3070 CVE-2011-3071 CVE-2011-3072 CVE-2011-3073 CVE-2011-3074 CVE-2011-3075 CVE-2011-3076 CVE-2011-3077 CVE-2011-3175 CVE-2011-3176 CVE-2011-3846 CVE-2011-4042 CVE-2011-4043 CVE-2011-4044 CVE-2011-4045 CVE-2011-4188 CVE-2011-4535 CVE-2011-4871 CVE-2011-4874 CVE-2011-4880 CVE-2011-4881 CVE-2011-5000 CVE-2011-5084 CVE-2011-5085 CVE-2011-5086 CVE-2011-5087 CVE-2011-5088 CVE-2011-5089 CVE-2012-0041 CVE-2012-0042 CVE-2012-0043 CVE-2012-0066 CVE-2012-0067 CVE-2012-0068 CVE-2012-0128 CVE-2012-0129 CVE-2012-0130 CVE-2012-0131 CVE-2012-0132 CVE-2012-0133 CVE-2012-0134 CVE-2012-0135 CVE-2012-0146 CVE-2012-0147 CVE-2012-0151 CVE-2012-0158 CVE-2012-0163 CVE-2012-0168 CVE-2012-0169 CVE-2012-0170 CVE-2012-0171 CVE-2012-0172 CVE-2012-0177 CVE-2012-0216 CVE-2012-0221 CVE-2012-0222 CVE-2012-0225 CVE-2012-0226 CVE-2012-0228 CVE-2012-0246 CVE-2012-0249 CVE-2012-0250 CVE-2012-0253 CVE-2012-0255 CVE-2012-0257 CVE-2012-0258 CVE-2012-0269 CVE-2012-0278 CVE-2012-0327 CVE-2012-0406 CVE-2012-0407 CVE-2012-0465 CVE-2012-0466 CVE-2012-0467 CVE-2012-0468 CVE-2012-0469 CVE-2012-0470 CVE-2012-0471 CVE-2012-0472 CVE-2012-0473 CVE-2012-0474 CVE-2012-0475 CVE-2012-0477 CVE-2012-0478 CVE-2012-0479 CVE-2012-0708 CVE-2012-0724 CVE-2012-0725 CVE-2012-0726 CVE-2012-0740 CVE-2012-0742 CVE-2012-0743 CVE-2012-0774 CVE-2012-0775 CVE-2012-0776 CVE-2012-0777 CVE-2012-0863 CVE-2012-1036 CVE-2012-1113 CVE-2012-1126 CVE-2012-1127 CVE-2012-1128 CVE-2012-1129 CVE-2012-1130 CVE-2012-1131 CVE-2012-1132 CVE-2012-1133 CVE-2012-1134 CVE-2012-1135 CVE-2012-1136 CVE-2012-1137 CVE-2012-1138 CVE-2012-1139 CVE-2012-1140 CVE-2012-1141 CVE-2012-1142 CVE-2012-1143 CVE-2012-1144 CVE-2012-1180 CVE-2012-1182 CVE-2012-1237 CVE-2012-1238 CVE-2012-1239 CVE-2012-1240 CVE-2012-1241 CVE-2012-1242 CVE-2012-1243 CVE-2012-1244 CVE-2012-1245 CVE-2012-1335 CVE-2012-1336 CVE-2012-1337 CVE-2012-1499 CVE-2012-1518 CVE-2012-1574 CVE-2012-1575 CVE-2012-1593 CVE-2012-1594 CVE-2012-1595 CVE-2012-1596 CVE-2012-1777 CVE-2012-1799 CVE-2012-1800 CVE-2012-1801 CVE-2012-1802 CVE-2012-1803 CVE-2012-1805 CVE-2012-1806 CVE-2012-1807 CVE-2012-1808 CVE-2012-1809 CVE-2012-1902 CVE-2012-1923 CVE-2012-1979 CVE-2012-1982 CVE-2012-1992 CVE-2012-1993 CVE-2012-2053 CVE-2012-2054 CVE-2012-2055 CVE-2012-2089 CVE-2012-2110 CVE-2012-2111 CVE-2012-2131 CVE-2012-2156 CVE-2012-2210 CVE-2012-2212 CVE-2012-2213 CVE-2012-2215 CVE-2012-2223 CVE-2012-2224 CVE-2012-2225 CVE-2012-2230 CVE-2012-2234 CVE-2012-2236 CVE-2012-2267 CVE-2012-2268 CVE-2012-2269 CVE-2012-2270 CVE-2012-2273 CVE-2012-2396 CVE-2012-2397 CVE-2012-2398 CVE-2012-2399 CVE-2012-2400 CVE-2012-2401 CVE-2012-2402 CVE-2012-2403 CVE-2012-2404 CVE-2012-2405 CVE-2012-2418 CVE-2012-2419 CVE-2012-2420 CVE-2012-2421 CVE-2012-2422 CVE-2012-2423 CVE-2012-2424 CVE-2012-2425 CVE-2012-2439 CVE-2012-2440 CVE-2012-2441 CVE-2012-2414 CVE-2012-2415 CVE-2012-2416 CVE-2012-0036 CVE-2012-0883 CVE-2012-1984 CVE-2012-1985

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