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Vuln ID Summary CVSS Severity

Monstra 3.0.4 does not filter the case of php, which leads to an unrestricted file upload vulnerability.

Published: June 15, 2022; 1:15:08 PM -0400
V3.1: 9.8 CRITICAL
V2.0: 7.5 HIGH

Monstra CMS through 3.0.4 allows remote authenticated users to take over arbitrary user accounts via a modified login parameter to an edit URI, as demonstrated by login=victim to the users/21/edit URI.

Published: March 06, 2020; 8:15:15 PM -0500
V3.1: 6.5 MEDIUM
V2.0: 4.0 MEDIUM

Monstra CMS through 3.0.4 has XSS in the title function in plugins/box/pages/pages.plugin.php via a page title to admin/index.php.

Published: February 02, 2018; 4:29:00 AM -0500
V3.0: 5.4 MEDIUM
V2.0: 3.5 LOW

Monstra CMS through 3.0.4 has an incomplete "forbidden types" list that excludes .php (and similar) file extensions but not the .pht or .phar extension, which allows remote authenticated Admins or Editors to execute arbitrary PHP code by uploading a file, a different vulnerability than CVE-2017-18048.

Published: January 29, 2018; 1:29:00 PM -0500
V3.1: 8.8 HIGH
V2.0: 6.5 MEDIUM

Monstra 3.0.1 and earlier uses a cookie to track how many login attempts have been attempted, which allows remote attackers to conduct brute force login attacks by deleting the login_attempts cookie or setting it to certain values.

Published: November 20, 2014; 8:55:16 AM -0500
V3.x:(not available)
V2.0: 5.0 MEDIUM