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Vuln ID Summary CVSS Severity

D-Link DIR3060 DIR3060A1_FW111B04.bin is vulnerable to Buffer Overflow.

Published: November 18, 2022; 12:15:10 PM -0500
V4.0:(not available)
V3.1: 9.8 CRITICAL
V2.0:(not available)

A command injection vulnerability in the protest binary allows an attacker with access to the remote command line interface to execute arbitrary commands as root.

Published: April 11, 2022; 4:15:18 PM -0400
V4.0:(not available)
V3.1: 7.8 HIGH
V2.0: 7.2 HIGH

prog.cgi on D-Link DIR-3060 devices before 1.11b04 HF2 allows remote authenticated users to inject arbitrary commands in an admin or root context because SetVirtualServerSettings calls CheckArpTables, which calls popen unsafely.

Published: March 11, 2021; 12:15:13 PM -0500
V4.0:(not available)
V3.1: 8.8 HIGH
V2.0: 9.0 HIGH