CWE Statistics for Zero Day Initiative

CVE CNA Value Alignment NIST Value Reason
CVE-2020-8867(0 of 1) CWE-367 CWE-613 Assessment performed prior to CVMAP efforts
CVE-2020-10881(1 of 1) CWE-121 CWE-787
CVE-2020-10882(1 of 1) CWE-78 CWE-78
CVE-2020-10883(1 of 1) CWE-732 CWE-732
CVE-2020-10884(1 of 1) CWE-321 CWE-798
CVE-2020-10885(1 of 1) CWE-20 CWE-20
CVE-2020-10886(1 of 1) CWE-78 CWE-78
CVE-2020-10889(1 of 1) CWE-843 CWE-843
CVE-2020-10890(1 of 1) CWE-352 CWE-352
CVE-2020-10891(1 of 1) CWE-843 CWE-843
CVE-2020-10892(1 of 1) CWE-352 CWE-352
CVE-2020-10893(1 of 1) CWE-787 CWE-787
CVE-2020-10894(1 of 1) CWE-125 CWE-125
CVE-2020-10895(1 of 1) CWE-125 CWE-125
CVE-2020-10896(1 of 1) CWE-122 CWE-787
CVE-2020-10897(1 of 1) CWE-787 CWE-787
CVE-2020-10898(1 of 1) CWE-125 CWE-125
CVE-2020-10899(1 of 1) CWE-416 CWE-416
CVE-2020-10900(1 of 1) CWE-416 CWE-416
CVE-2020-10901(1 of 1) CWE-125 CWE-125
CVE-2020-10902(1 of 1) CWE-125 CWE-125
CVE-2020-10903(1 of 1) CWE-125 CWE-125
CVE-2020-10904(1 of 1) CWE-787 CWE-787
CVE-2020-10905(1 of 1) CWE-125 CWE-125
CVE-2020-10906(1 of 1) CWE-416 CWE-416
CVE-2020-10907(1 of 1) CWE-416 CWE-416
CVE-2020-10908(1 of 1) CWE-843 CWE-843
CVE-2020-10909(1 of 1) CWE-843 CWE-843
CVE-2020-10910(1 of 1) CWE-843 CWE-843
CVE-2020-10911(1 of 1) CWE-843 CWE-843
CVE-2020-10912(1 of 1) CWE-843 CWE-843
CVE-2020-10913(1 of 1) CWE-843 CWE-843
CVE-2020-10914(1 of 1) CWE-502 CWE-502
CVE-2020-10915(1 of 1) CWE-502 CWE-502
CVE-2020-10916(1 of 1) CWE-287 CWE-287
CVE-2020-10922(1 of 1) CWE-20 CWE-20
CVE-2020-15425(1 of 1) CWE-78 CWE-78
CVE-2020-15431(1 of 1) CWE-78 CWE-78
CVE-2020-15613(1 of 1) CWE-78 CWE-78
CVE-2020-15628(1 of 1) CWE-89 CWE-89